The Perfect Balance of Elegance and Functionality: The Parentesi Flos Lamp


The Parentesi Flos Lamp is a design classic that has stood the test of time. Designed in 1971 by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù, this lamp has become an icon in contemporary lighting design. Its unique and simplistic design has made it a staple in homes and museums worldwide.


The Parentesi Flos Lamp is designed to hang from the ceiling and is attached to a vertical metal bar that can be adjusted to change the height of the lamp. The lampshade, made of spun metal, is attached to a horizontal arm that can be adjusted to change the direction of the light. The lampshade is available in three different finishes: black, white, and nickel.


The Parentesi Flos Lamp is a beautiful example of minimalist design. Its clean lines and understated finish make it a statement piece without being overpowering. The lampshade’s unique shape is simple yet refined, and the adjustable arm and vertical bar add to the strength and elegance of the design.


The Parentesi Flos Lamp is as practical as it is beautiful. Its adjustable height and direction make it perfect for use in any room. Whether you need a focused reading light or need to light up a larger area, the Parentesi Flos Lamp is versatile enough to meet your needs.


The Parentesi Flos Lamp is made of high-quality materials that make it both strong and durable. The vertical bar and arm are made of steel, while the lampshade is made of spun metal. The lamp also comes with a built-in dimmer switch, allowing you to adjust the brightness of the light to suit your needs.


The use of metal in the design of the Parentesi Flos Lamp gives it a modern and industrial feel. The black, white, and nickel finishes all give the lamp a sleek and sophisticated look.

Dimmer Switch

The built-in dimmer switch is a valuable addition to the Parentesi Flos Lamp’s design. It allows you to adjust the brightness of the light to suit the mood of the room or the time of day. This functionality also makes the lamp energy-efficient by reducing the amount of electricity it uses.

Overall Value

With its timeless design, quality materials, and practical functionality, the Parentesi Flos Lamp is an excellent investment for any homeowner or collector of contemporary lighting design. Its blend of elegance and functionality ensures that it will be used and admired for years to come.

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