New Chinese style-The best interior design trend

New Chinese style + high-grade gray, the best interior design trend in the future

Premium gray is a highly respected and elegant color in the fashion industry.

It is deep and introverted, reserved and low-key. Although it never shows the mountains and dew, nor does it deliberately publicize it, it often grabs the eyeballs quietly, giving people a strong visual shock.

The new Chinese style is an oriental style with both classical and modern temperament.

It uses the aesthetics and vision of modern people to carry forward the Chinese classical culture that has been accumulated for thousands of years.

The perfect fusion of the two can not only instantly enhance the space style, but also interpret the ultimate oriental life aesthetics.

If we say that high-grade gray is the representative color of fashion, it is a master style with high-end quality in its bones;

Then, the new Chinese style is the reproduction of the classical charm, which just right shows the Chinese style feelings in our souls.

Advanced gray as the background color space

In the space with high-grade gray as the background color, it is decorated with new Chinese-style furniture and various exquisite sketches, trying to use the oriental blood flowing from the Chinese to reshape our definition of beauty, which can always bring unexpected and stunning views. feel.

The reason why high-grade gray has become the darling of the fashion industry is that it is simple, pure, elegant and self-sustaining. It does not need any gorgeous elements to be stacked, and it can reach people’s hearts with good charm and release the beauty of simplicity and atmosphere.

New Chinese Interpretation of Classical Charm

The popular new Chinese style is also favored by contemporary young people because it abandons the complex carvings and rich colors of the past, and reshapes the classical charm with modern methods.

The new Chinese-style home has simplified the complex in design, has an elegant style, and is simple and beautiful in shape.

In particular, the new Chinese-style furniture with neat lines and minimalist shapes, as well as elegant colors, shows a magical power just as a display.

Although it is simple and quiet, with a taste of the precipitation of the years, it can perfectly show the character and cultural complex of the Chinese people.

In short, the collision of new Chinese style and high-grade gray seems to be simple and not random, and the mix and match is novel and has its own charm.

The combination of the two not only injects a freehand atmosphere into the space, which is pure and beautiful with few strokes, but also hides an extremely elegant attitude to life, which makes people feel deeply impressed by its quiet and timeless character.

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