Shine Bright with the Ansel Lamp from Urban Outfitters


When it comes to home decor, lighting is an essential aspect that can make or break the mood of a room. Urban Outfitters’ Ansel Lamp is a popular choice among many for its unique style and functionality. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the Ansel Lamp and how it can enhance the ambiance of your home.

What is the Ansel Lamp?

The Ansel Lamp from Urban Outfitters is a cylindrical-shaped lamp that stands on a sturdy wooden base. It is made of durable metal with a matte finish that adds a touch of sophistication to its design. The lamp’s cylindrical steel shade is adjustable, so you can direct the light where you need it most. The Ansel Lamp also has a convenient on/off switch located on the cord for easy access.

Key Features:

Adjustable Light

One of the most notable features of the Ansel Lamp is its adjustable light. The lamp’s cylindrical shade can be moved up and down to direct the light where it is needed most. This allows for versatile use of the lamp in various settings, making it an excellent choice for task lighting or ambient lighting.

Stylish Design

The Ansel Lamp’s unique design makes it an attractive addition to any room. Its metal shade and wooden base blend seamlessly together, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. Whether you’re using it in your living room or bedroom, the Ansel Lamp will undoubtedly catch the attention of guests.

Efficient Lighting

The Ansel Lamp is equipped with an LED bulb that is both energy-efficient and long-lasting. Compared to traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs are more durable and emit less heat, making them a safer option for homes with children or pets. The LED bulb also has a lower wattage, which means it consumes less electricity while still providing a bright and efficient light source.

Benefits of the Ansel Lamp:


One of the significant benefits of the Ansel Lamp is its versatility. Whether you’re using it to read at night or to illuminate a dark corner in your home, the Ansel Lamp delivers. The adjustable shade lets you direct the light wherever you need it, making it an excellent option for task lighting. On the other hand, the lamp’s matte finish and wooden base make it a great addition to any room’s decor.


The Ansel Lamp is more than just a lamp. It’s a piece of art that serves the dual purpose of providing light while also adding to the ambiance of a room. Its sleek design and matte finish give it a modern and polished look, making it an excellent option for those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their home.


With its energy-efficient LED bulb and low wattage, the Ansel Lamp is an excellent choice for those looking to reduce their electricity bills. LEDs typically use less power than traditional incandescent bulbs, which can result in significant savings over time. Not to mention, the LED bulb is much more durable, which means fewer replacements and less waste in the long run.

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