The Best Styles for Interior Design in 2022

Today I’m sharing with you the Scandinavian style that I’ve been very fond of lately, and it’s what I think is the best style for interior design in 2022.

simple nordic style

The Nordic style has always been a strong log style. No matter from the interior design style or home product design, they not only reflect the Nordic design aesthetics, but also create a safe, quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

The Nordic style of decoration has always been simple and simple, and everything is simple. For example, light-colored walls and soft furnishings can not only make the space look brighter, but also make people feel comfortable and relaxed.

Scandinavian-style layouts at various locations

The restaurant adopts beige as the main tone, and the bionic lamps above the dining table like broken eggshells enhance the design of the space, and the wooden furniture forms a simple but warm dining environment.

The open kitchen layout has more than doubled the visual space. The wood color + white countertops look clean and have a sense of planning. People can’t help but linger here, and the mood of cooking is also very pleasant.

The layout of the study is simple and orderly, mainly divided into leisure area and office area. Soft and comfortable sofas are placed in the leisure area, which echoes the wooden background wall of the office area, which is natural and fashionable.

Although the area of ​​the bathroom is small, the designer has considered every aspect of the use of each space. Delicate chandeliers hang on the wall, which is as quiet and beautiful as life.

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