Most Popular Modern Minimalist Kitchen Designs

Many people like the modern minimalist style because people want to reflect the cultural taste of economy, practicality and comfort. The modern minimalist style not only pays attention to the practicality of the living room, but also reflects the personality of life, which is in line with the life taste of modern people. Today, I will introduce the characteristics and design instructions of a modern minimalist kitchen.

Features of a modern minimalist kitchen

  1. Concise form The main feature of the modern minimalist style kitchen is the simplicity in form, the expression is a simple straight line design, horizontal and vertical, no unnecessary decorative lines, and straight lines are used to emphasize the sense of space. The linear design gives people a comfortable and refreshing feeling, which makes the owner feel comfortable physically and mentally after get off work and reduces fatigue.
  2. The color is cold. Each decoration style has its own representative color. The representative color of the modern minimalist style is the cold color, which is inseparable from the Nordic origin, the birthplace of minimalism. Nordic books are too cold. The color of the material is lighter, people live a comfortable and simple life, and the decoration of household items is less, and the simple and cold tones have become the representative of minimalism.
  3. Functional and practical The simple kitchen does not mean to make concessions to the practical functions of the kitchen. Since it is a simple style kitchen, all unnecessary red tape should be discarded in the design, leaving the most practical and essential things. It’s hard to find anything unnecessary in a kitchen with basic cabinets, washing, and cooking. Tools such as knives and forks are used to meet the basic cooking needs of housewives, but there are not so many tools that people can’t tell how to use them.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen Design Instructions

  1. No matter how big the room is, it must be spacious. There is no need for cumbersome decoration and excessive furniture, and the overall coordination of space and furniture is maximized in the decoration and arrangement. In terms of modeling, geometric structures are mostly used, which is the modern minimalist fashion style.
  2. The function advocates the maximum use efficiency in a limited space. In the selection of furniture, it is emphasized that form follows function, and everything starts from a practical point of view, discarding superfluous additional decorations. Simplicity is not only a way of life, but also a philosophy of life.
  3. Materials Fully understand the texture and performance of materials, and pay attention to the harmony and complementarity between environmental protection and materials. The rational application of new technologies and new materials is a crucial link, and only reflecting fashion and fashion in the combination of people and space can better represent the changing modern life.
  4. The color in the home is not about more, but about matching. Too many colors will give people a chaotic feeling. In the modern minimalist style, use some pure tones to match, so that no matter the furniture shape and space layout, it will give people a refreshing surprise.

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