How to Achieve Hygge Bedroom Lighting

hygge bedroom lighting

The best lighting for a hygge bedroom is the kind that casts a soft, warm glow. Danish designers have designed some of the world’s most beautiful lamps. Choose wall-mounted lamps with at least a 5 amp power socket. The colour temperature of your lights is also important for achieving hygge.


Lighting your bedroom with candles can create a cosy atmosphere and set the tone for the hygge lifestyle. The soft glow that candles create in a bedroom evokes feelings of romance, a soothing bath, or a quiet night spent reading a book. If you have trouble falling asleep, a candle’s soft glow can soothe you and get you to sleep.

When decorating with candles, try not to use anything too scented or spectacular. Choose a few natural, warm scents that are grounding and calming. The Danish burn more candles than any other country in Europe, and burning them in the bedroom helps create the hygge atmosphere.

Ivory grid stitch pillow

Create a cozy mood in your bedroom with a hygge bedroom lighting set. It doesn’t need to be overly fancy or extravagant. Incorporating greenery and plants is a great way to add some nature to your bedroom. Lighting is an important component of hygge, and a wicker lamp provides a soft light. A “love” sign on the wall adds a romantic touch, while a bedside reading table helps to reduce strain on the eyes.

Incorporating layers of bedding is another way to achieve a hygge bedroom. This includes a duvet cover with matching shams, a cozy knit throw, and throw pillows. The mix of textures creates a cozy atmosphere, and you can even incorporate these elements into a small bedroom for a more calming and inviting effect.

CFL bulbs

Hygge bedroom lighting can be achieved with low-lumen bulbs in a variety of styles. These bulbs emit a soft light and have a low glare that creates a cozy atmosphere. For example, you can install a 1000-lumen bulb in a ceiling fixture and use it as a reading lamp or a knitting light. This low-lighting technique mimics candlelight, which sets a warm, relaxed mood. You can also opt for a vintage-style Edison bulb, which has a calming feel and is suitable for most fixtures. It can be strung on a cloth cord to create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere.

Another way to achieve a hygge bedroom decor is to add natural materials. Use matte finishes, organic textures, and neutral colours. You can also add subtle nods to the outdoors. For example, if you are a forest-loving Scandinavian, you may choose a wooden component lamp, which echoes the warm, natural feel of the Nordic region. Other styles you may want to consider are the Tie Stix range, which features a variety of wood and metal finishes. You can also try a Warm Dim option for added warmth.

Decorative felt inserts

If you’re decorating a bedroom for hygge, you’ll want to use lighting as a way to create cozy zones in the room. Table lamps and floor lamps with fabric covered panels are ideal for creating nooks and crannies that are soft and comfortable. Decorative felt inserts, which come in a range of pastel shades, are a perfect way to create this look.

When you are decorating with candles, use candles with flameless inserts or candles that give off a warm glow, reminiscent of candlelight. You can also use real candles, but use a flameless candle to add that hygge glow.

Textured textiles

The concept of hygge is the idea of comfort and coziness. It is a style of design that focuses on natural materials and textured textiles. Natural materials include wood, linen, cotton, and wool. Wallpaper can also help create the desired organic texture and emphasis the European aesthetic.

Textured textiles and lighting add dimension to any bedroom. A combination of soft and hard textures creates a cozy, inviting environment. Adding fluffy woollen rugs, faux fur throws, and chunky knit cushions is one way to achieve this look. Layering textures, and using soft candlelight, can also create a soothing, comforting atmosphere.


Candles, especially the scented ones, are an essential part of hygge bedroom lighting. They not only add a warm glow to the room, but they also lull you to sleep. Lavender essential oil, for example, is known to help people fight insomnia.

Candles don’t have to be expensive to add hygge to a bedroom. Rather, use candles with seasonal scents and low smoke. Another great way to achieve hygge is to use a fireplace. Just make sure to winterize the flu before lighting a fireplace.