Secto Petite: The Ultimate Expression of Minimalist Style and Craftsmanship

Secto Petite is a Finnish lighting brand that has gained a reputation for its beautiful handmade wooden lamps. Despite the brand’s relatively short history, having been founded in 1995, it has already made a significant impact in the world of lighting design. This article will explore the design philosophy behind Secto Petite and its innovative use of wood as a material for lighting fixtures.

The Secto Story

Secto was founded in 1995 by interior architect Seppo Koho, who has remained the brand’s principal designer to this day. Koho established the company with the intention of creating timeless lighting designs that would be suited to any environment, whether domestic or commercial. From the outset, Koho’s approach was characterized by a deep knowledge of wood as a material and a commitment to the use of sustainable materials and production techniques.

Design Philosophy

The Secto Petite range is characterized by a minimalist aesthetic that places a premium on simplicity of form, proportion and materiality. Koho describes his approach to lighting design as being deeply influenced by the Finnish tradition of creating objects that are beautiful yet functional. The universality of Secto Petite’s designs reflects Koho’s belief that good design should be available to everyone, not just a privileged few.


The use of wood is central to the Secto Petite philosophy. The designers use a range of woods, including Finnish birch and American walnut, to create their lamps. Wood is a natural and sustainable material that offers a warmth and texture that cannot be matched by synthetic materials. The designers at Secto Petite work closely with their suppliers to ensure that the wood used is ethically sourced and that production processes are environmentally responsible.

Production Techniques

All of Secto Petite’s lamps are handmade by skilled craftspeople in Finland. The production process is labor-intensive and involves using traditional woodworking techniques such as planing, sanding, and polishing. The production team places a strong emphasis on quality control and each lamp goes through a rigorous inspection process before it is shipped.

The Secto Petite Range

The Secto Petite range comprises a variety of table lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lamps. Each lamp is characterized by the brand’s signature use of wood and simple, unadorned forms that emphasize the beauty of the material. The Secto Petite range is designed to be versatile, and each lamp is suited to a range of environments, whether domestic or commercial.

Secto Petite has carved out a unique niche in the world of lighting design with its beautiful handmade wooden lamps. The brand’s focus on sustainability, quality, and simplicity resonates deeply with consumers who are looking for products that are both beautiful and ethical. The universal appeal of Secto Petite’s designs ensures that they will remain relevant for years to come, and we can expect to see this innovative Finnish brand continuing to make waves in the world of lighting design for many years to come.

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